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International Chikubu Kai kata competition

29 MAJ 2020 19:43
  • Uppdaterad: 29 MAJ 2020 19:43

The competitions are performed in three classes of Junior, Adult and Senior. Junior Class covers participants of ages 10 to 13 and boys and girls compete together. The age range of Adult Class is 14 – 39 and Senior Class 40+. The male and female participants compete separately as well as Kyu and Dan grades. This means that we will have four categories of male with Kyu grades, female with Kyu grades, male with Dan grades and female with Dan grades.  
The number of rounds and katas depends on the number of participants in each category and class. Below eight participants, only one kata is needed, more than eight 2 katas and more than 16 3 Katas. Junior Class participants are allowed to repeat katas.  
There is no registration fee and winners from 1st and 5th places will receive digital certificates.  
How to register:
Complete the registration form and send it to either Kyoshi Johan Backteman or Renshi Mehdi Eshagh. It is extremely important that the form is fully completed.  
How to perform: 

1. The participants should wear GI (Karate outfit). 

2.The participants should take a film of their Kata performance and send it to Judges with their name and age. 

3. All katas should be filmed from front, meaning the performer should face to camera when he/she starts the kata. 

4. The films should be taken in such a way that the whole body is seen in all steps of Kata. For example, when you are at the closest point of Kata to the camera your head or legs should be seen completely.  

5. The place of performing kata should be quiet. Preferably in a dojo.

Depending on age & grade, sen your katas to the following adresses:

10-13 years to @Per Åstrand sensei.

14-39 kyu to @Samarjit Mullick sensei

14-39 Dan to @Soke Jose Elias Ramirez sensei 40+ kyu to Taxiarhis sensei. 40+Dan Johan Backteman sensei.

Good luck!

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